Welcome to the beautiful county of North Yorkshire
Welcome to the beautiful county of North Yorkshire

Courses 2022

Watercolour Painting for those with Experience and Beginners

8th to 10th February 2022

This is your opportunity to get to grips with Watercolour painting. This course is for those with little experience, and will cover the basic techniques of watercolour,and will enable you to take home at least one completed picture.


There will be plenty of demonstrations and encouragement, but beware watercolour painting is addictive.

'Lastingham Vicarage Garden' - watercolour by Sandra

Learn to Draw

8th to 19th March 2022

For the aspiring artist, drawing highlights the ability to observe what is seen with clarity and economy. Through drawing you will achieve a greater understanding of your subject. The course will enable you to keep a visual diary to capture the  everyday things around us as well as places and events encountered when on holiday or abroad. You will be guided through what materials to use and how to select a subject - for beginners or the more experienced.


10th to 12th June / 13th to 15th September 2022 

Aim to create a vibrant colourful portrait that reflects the subject's personality.  There is no easy answer but there are a range of ideas, suggestions and tips that can help achieve a satistying result.

Paint what moves you and try to capture the escence of the person.

Why not have a go in oil, pastel or acrylic?



Graphite and chalk

Landscapes ~ Please get me started

12th to 14th April 2022

Take heart and let us acknowledge, and then confront that daunting gap between inspiration and realisation, analyze the problem and then work out a strategy for overcoming it. With practice you will be able to tackle landscapes with great insight and confidence.

Kettleness by Vikki


14th to 16th June / 11th to 13th October 2022

Aim to create a vibrant colourful painting that reflects your choice of subject matter. There is no easy answer to painting but there are a range of ideas, suggestions and tips that can help achieve a satisfying result. Choose a subject matter that moves you and try to capture the essence of the scene. Why not have a go with a pallet knife or even your fingers?

Whitby  by Vikki

Mixed Media

12th to 14th July / 8th to 10th November 2022

The great pleasure of Mixed Media is the freedom it offers.You are not rigidly confined by the rules of any one technique. With this method you can explore 

many different ways of achieving a result in unique and personal ways, and make your own rules as you go along.

Learning to mix and match your different materials is challenging and rewarding. There are hours of fun awaiting you.

Five fathoms - by Colin

Experimental Watercolours

9th to 11th August 2022

Nature presents a host of colours , tones and textures for the artist to tackle.With a little lateral thinking, watercolour can produce the most uplifting and exciting results. The aim of the course is to leave you feeling confident in the use of applying strong watercolour washes to create contrast.

Brough by Sands - by Vikki

For further details email   vikki@artbreak.co.uk